Repair of boilers and boiler rooms in residential and utility buildings

Residential and utility buildings

Boiler and boiler room repair

Why should you start working with us?

For the needs of individual and institutional clients, we provide boiler room service and boiler repair. We provide professional support during periodic inspections of installations. We remove irregularities in its operation and replace defective elements. We guarantee comprehensive and professional service for gas, oil and wood-fired boiler rooms in heating plants, companies, house factories and public buildings, e.g. schools, hospitals or offices.

guarantee of quality

With us, you can be sure that the boiler room will work efficiently, safely and without problems – whenever it is needed. We provide warranty, post-warranty and operational service for boilers and burners.

We serve for preventive purposes to:

  • keep the boiler room in good condition during the heating period,
  • guarantee the continuous operation of the boiler room at high speed, as well as in the event of failures and defects that we remove effectively.

Our services for the repair of boilers and boiler rooms

Providing service for boilers and boiler rooms, we provide services such as:

Boiler cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and adjusting the burner

Exhaust gas analysis

Security Check

Installation of industrial and boiler automation

Monitoring, control of work and ensuring continuous, correct operation of the boiler

Control automation adjustment

Sale and assembly of oil, gas and wood-fired boiler rooms


We have many years of experience, professional equipment, required permissions and numerous certificates, so you can be sure that you work with specialists in your profession. We pay special attention to maintaining the high quality of our services.

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