Flue gas analysis and regulation of boilers in residential and utility buildings

Residential and utility buildings

Flue gas analysis and boiler regulation

Why is the correct regulation of boilers so important?

Boiler adjustment is a very important step, which is performed as one of the last stages of the installation of the heating system and during the repair and servicing of boilers. Regardless of whether we consider heating installation in single-family houses, multi-family houses, institutions or small or large companies, proper regulation brings two important benefits – a sense of comfort and reduced operating costs. Why is this so important? – Regulation is a key element, because thanks to it we can adjust the amount of heat generated at certain times of the day and night, making the temperature of individual rooms in the building dependent on a wide spectrum of factors, so that the boiler works only when it is needed.

How to optimize boiler efficiency?

A boiler with incorrectly selected power will cause incorrect operation of the heating system, and as a result frequent failures of the device and components. On the other hand, too low power will cause insufficient heating of the building. It is worth commissioning the boiler adjustment to us, i.e. a professional company, to efficiently and quickly restore the correct mode of its operation and the appropriate and stable temperature of heated rooms.

When is the boiler adjustment needed?

We diagnose the first symptoms of boiler malfunctions through flue gas analysis. The measurement of oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen oxides content during the analysis also allows checking the boiler’s efficiency level and helps in its correct regulation. It is worth knowing that installations equipped with room thermostats also require adjustment of the entire heating system.


We use advanced equipment for analysis and have many years of experience. From an economic point of view, it is worth subjecting the boiler to flue gas analysis and possible adjustment in a cyclical way, so as not to lead to an unexpected increase in heating expenses. If you have doubts about the smooth operation of your heating system or the time has come to refresh or modernize your current installation, the best decision will be to contact us.

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