Repair and service of heat pumps in residential and utility buildings

Residential and utility buildings

Heat pump repair and service

Why should you order repair and service?

We have over 10 years of experience in servicing and repairing heat pumps. We provide full professionalism and a favorable price. By reaching for our support, you can rest assured that the heat pumps are working properly – efficiently, safely, economically and in an environmentally friendly way.

How important is the correct operation of heat pumps?

Regular service of the heat pump allows to keep the whole installation in good condition and guarantee proper, effective and economical operation for years. Failure to service can, however, significantly reduce the life of the device, reduce its performance and increase the risk of malfunctions and malfunctions. We provide warranty and post-warranty service:

  • automation, steam, water and thermal oil boilers
  • burners, gas, oil and gas-oil heaters

In addition, our services include:

Installation of gas detection systems

Boiler cleaning

Emission control

Periodic inspection of technical condition

Replacement and repair of boiler room automation devices

What is the service of heat pumps?

Providing the service of heat pumps, we perform their full review and specialized maintenance. We maintain and, if necessary, replace consumables, as well as regulate the operation of heat pumps. We monitor their operation, detect any irregularities and eliminate them, restoring the heating installation to a state of full use and performance.

Heat pump repair

In addition to heat pump service, we also carry out repairs. We find and neutralize sources of all kinds of defects and irregularities in the operation of heating devices regardless of their installation location, size and complexity. We specialize in repairing heat pumps of various types, power and companies. We are an authorized representative of Viessmann and Wilo.


We have many years of experience, we have extensive knowledge and we have equipment that we use to effectively service and repair any heat pump. We also have all necessary permissions in our services.

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