Repair and service of burners in residential and utility buildings

Residential and utility buildings

Repair and service of burners

Why is it worth ensuring good burners condition?

We service oil, gas, multi-oil and pellet burners. It is worth taking care of the good condition of the burners, because a neglected burner results in faster wear of other components of the heating system, which directly translates into increased heating and operating costs. Certainly, the financially more advantageous solution is prevention than failure and then costly repair of the boiler.

Warranty and post-warranty service

Warranty and post-warranty service of the above mentioned burners is not only cleaning and maintenance, but also their proper adjustment. Only when the burner is properly adjusted will our heating system pay back to us with less frequent repair needs and lower operating costs.

Cooperation with us is more than repair and service

In the event of a more serious breakdown, through which you would be forced to stop for a long time in the supply of heating to the building, we offer a temporary solution for the time of repair, which is the use of a burner with properly matched power.
Our services regarding the repair and maintenance of burners are primarily:

Delivery, assembly, commissioning and maintenance – necessary during operation

Warranty and post-warranty service of oil, gas, multi-oil and pellet burners

Cleaning and maintenance of the above mentioned types of burners

Adjustment of burners to the required or required power together with the exhaust gas analysis O2, CO, CO2, NOx


Appropriate technical facilities and many years of experience are the key reason why you should outsource repair or service to your burner, regardless of whether it is a small or large company, institution, single-family house or multi-family building. The conclusion of a long-term contract is a guarantee of calmness, efficiency and reliability of the heating installation.

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