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We are an authorized partner of manufacturers of heating devices:

  • Viessmann
  • Weishaupt
  • Riello
  • Giersh-Enertech
  • De Dietrich

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It’s no secret that even the best-designed heating installation will cease to achieve its original performance over time. By reacting at the right time, we can avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses, when a failure of the heating system stops it, and with it a break in the supply of heat.
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The most common causes of heating system failures are not faulty devices but improper operation. Incorrect selection and subsequent operation generate high repair costs and inflated fuel costs. It also has an impact on environmental pollution and excessive emission of gases emitted to our atmosphere.
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With us, you can be sure that the boiler room will work efficiently, safely and without problems – whenever it is needed. We provide warranty, post-warranty and operational service for boilers and burners.
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Regular service of the heat pump allows to keep the whole installation in good condition and guarantee proper, effective and economical operation for years. Failure to service can, however, significantly reduce the life of the device, reduce its performance and increase the risk of malfunctions and malfunctions.
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Range of services

We also specialize in:

analizator główna

Residential and utility buildings

Exhaust gas analysis and regulation

We use advanced equipment for analysis and have many years of experience. From an economic point of view, it is worth subjecting the boiler to flue gas analysis and possible adjustment in a cyclical way, so as not to lead to an unexpected increase in heating expenses. If you have doubts about the smooth operation of your heating system or the time has come to refresh or modernize your current installation, the best decision will be to contact us.
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Residential and utility buildings


We guarantee comprehensive installation assistance regardless of the size and complexity of the installation, the manufacturer’s brand or the type of fuel it is supplied with. We undertake orders in single-family homes, multi-family buildings as well as in large industrial plants, schools and hospitals. We do what belongs to us. Installation of heating devices has no secrets for us!
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automtyka przemyslowa


The selection of appropriate components of the automation controlling the operation of the boiler focuses mainly on the ability to plan and predict in what conditions and on what terms a given heating system is to operate after its implementation. Just choosing the right weather regulators can reduce heating costs by up to 20%.
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Technoterm Automatyka Przemysłowa is a company that provides its services in three provinces: Podlasie, Warmian-Masurian and Masovian. We also carry out orders abroad. We have the necessary permissions and certificates for assembly, commissioning and servicing of boiler rooms and devices controlling the proper operation of boilers. The persons dealing with the service have appropriate supervision and exploitation rights.



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