Installation and commissioning

Why should you order installation from professionals?

Installation of heating installations and equipment is a task for professionals. It should be carried out by a company consisting of qualified and experienced professionals, which is why you came to our website. We are here to provide professional support in:

Design, assembly, commissioning and modernization of steam and water boiler installations with gas, biogas and oil burners

Selection of appropriate heating devices as well as control and regulation automatics

Choosing the right solutions, matched in terms of technology and law

Assessment of efficiency and technological possibilities of a given investment

Assessing the legal possibilities of a given investment

Conducting energy audits

What we offer?

We guarantee comprehensive installation assistance regardless of the size and complexity of the installation, the manufacturer’s brand or the type of fuel it is supplied with. We undertake orders in industrial plants, technological lines, public buildings, multi-family and single-family buildings. We do what belongs to us. Installation of heating devices has no secrets for us!

Guarantee of quality

By entrusting us with the installation and commissioning of gas and oil boilers, as well as control and regulation automatics, you have the certainty of precisely performed work in accordance with the project and good practices. We ensure the correct selection and matching of elements already at the design stage. We have many years of experience, specialized equipment and extensive knowledge in our field.


It is worth commissioning us to install heating installations, because even the highest quality system may not work properly if it is incorrectly designed or installed. Instead of effectively and efficiently heating rooms, it can prove to be a source of many problems if mistakes are made at the beginning. It is not worth risking and installing on your own. Contact us! Our competences are confirmed by numerous certificates. We have the required authorizations and directional training in which we regularly participate to gain new knowledge and be up to date with current technology regarding heating systems.

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